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Aetna Navigator™

Aetna Navigator is a powerful online tool that provides a single source for online health and benefits information. It's interactive and easy to use with a variety of transactional and informational features. At the click of a mouse, you can access the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aetna Navigator includes secure, personalized features for those who are enrolled in an Aetna dental option and have registered to view their benefits and claim information. Additionally, registered members can customize some of the features of their home page, tailoring it to their individual needs. As a registered member, you can access specific dental information. You can also contact your designated Aetna Member Services team by sending a secure message.

If you are considering enrolling in an Aetna dental option for the first time, Aetna Navigator guest sites have been created so you can explore the information, programs and special features that are available to Aetna members. To take a look, click here and enter the below user name and password.

If you are considering the Dental Basic or Plus Option, please enter:

username: ppodental1
password: ppodental1

If you are considering the Dental DMO Option, please enter:

username: dmodental1
password: dmodental1

Keep in mind that the benefit information displayed on the guest site will not exactly match your JCPenney Plan.

If you prefer to take a site tour – click here.